Can I Order Bangkok Cannabis Online?

buy bangkok cannabis online

Ordering Bangkok cannabis online is a relatively new concept for obvious reasons. It’s time for Thailand cannabis smokers to get with the times. Anytime something that was originally illegal gets decriminalized, it’s only natural that consumers are still a bit apprehensive. Simply put, Thai people do not really trust the authorities in any way, shape, or form. And you can hardly blame them.

They used to get locked up for years or had to pay ridiculously high ‘fines’ just for possessing a smidgen of cannabis in Thailand. It’s going to take some time until Thai people and local ex-pats fully embrace the cannabis law changes in Thailand without looking over their shoulders for the extortion boys in brown.

Did you know that you can order Bangkok cannabis online from most of the city’s major weed dispensaries? Well, you can, and it’s time you embraced the legal Thai cannabis industry. Let’s find out the best ways to buy legal cannabis in Thailand.

Living the Legal Cannabis Dream

If you are a long-term ex-pat living in who loves a toke of the old wacky tobaccy, all your wildest dreams have come true over the past 12 months. I’ve lived in Thailand for a decade or more and always heard that cannabis legalization was around the corner. I never once believed that to be true. It’s the first time in my life that I am happy to be proved incorrect. It doesn’t happen very often. Arrogance aside, the changes have been so monumental that it’s been so refreshing.

It seems that the phony American war on drugs is losing and about damn time. Imagine having a budget of billions of dollars verse a bunch of stoners, and you still manage to lose the battle. There is nothing sweeter than this sort of victory where the big and nasty bully boys lose and the small guy wins. So now is the time to cast off the shackles and start acting like buying weed in Thailand is legal instead of tiptoeing around.

How Can I Buy Weed in Thailand?

Now the Thailand cannabis industry has opened up, you can pretty much buy cannabis in any licensed weed store Bangkok has to offer. You don’t even need an ID if you are obviously 21 years old or older. You can either buy Bangkok cannabis online or at the store… the choice is yours.

The days of approaching a dodgy Thai motorbike taxi driver to buy the dankest weed, or even getting ripped off, are thankfully in the past. There was a time when you could buy weed from a motorbike taxi guy, and once you went around the corner, the police were waiting for you. Thank god the extortionists have been eliminated. There are two recommended ways to buy weed in Thailand:

1. Buying Cannabis at Bangkok Weed Shops

The easiest way to buy cannabis in Bangkok or anywhere else in Thailand is from a licensed weed store. You’re not blind, you’ve already seen the cannabis dispensaries on every corner of the kingdom. The land of smiles just got more smiley. Don’t be scared to go inside because they are truly cannabis havens for stoners such as yourself. You don’t need to worry because all these Thai weed shops have menus in English, and in some cases also have staff that can guide you.

Don’t be surprised to see some of the strongest cannabis strains on the menu. Back in the day, the only weed most of us could buy in Thailand was Thai-style brick weed. And although some of those varieties are very good Sativa strains, they don’t match the hybrid types of weed that flood the markets in modern times. All the prices will be on the menu per gram, and you can purchase as much as you desire… legally.

2. Buying Bangkok Cannabis Online

The internet age is well and truly here. There is not much you can’t buy online, legal or illegal. However, a good option for Thailand stoners is buying Bangkok cannabis online. You can literally contact your favorite Thai weed shop via their websites or social media pages, order a few grams of the good stuff, and have it delivered directly to your house within an hour.

For sure, if you live in some remote part of Thailand it might take a day or two to receive your buds in the post. But if you live in a major city like Bangkok, Chiang Mai, or Pattaya or on a concentrated holiday island like Phuket or Koh Samui, you should have your online weed delivered in an hour or two.

Buying Bangkok cannabis online is definitely a viable option. But the truth is you are probably better off buying it in a store so you can touch, smell and view the products physically. The choice is yours really, and that’s what’s so great about the change in Thai cannabis legality.

Order Your Bangkok Cannabis Online at Kush House

At Kush House, you can order Bangkok cannabis directly from our website by clicking here. Take your time to view the strains menu, place your order and you will be informed when you can receive it. It’s that easy. All you need to be is over 20 years old and you’ll have no issues. However, we highly recommend that you visit our Bangkok weed shop to check out our stunning stains up close and personal.

The Thailand cannabis industry is absolutely thriving. There has never been a better time to buy ganja in Thailand. The only cannabis products that are currently prohibited are concentrates like hashish, THC dabs and wax, and certain types of cannabis oil. Aside from that, you can now purchase an unbelievable amount of primo buds grown locally or imported from Canada or California.

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