Bangkok Weed Shops: Are They Any Good?

best bangkok weed shops

I always get asked the question, are Bangkok weed shops any good? It’s a strange question really. It’s like asking if are all Bangkok bars any good! Some are good, some are decent, most are average and some are rank. That’s it, article over! Hilarity aside, the Thailand cannabis scene has grown (excuse the pun) to epic proportions over the past year and hopefully, the upward trend in growth continues.

The truth is that the best Bangkok weed shops are a limited number. Most weed stores in Bangkok are basic in terms of atmosphere, ambiance, product choice, and quality. In my opinion, only a handful of Bangkok cannabis dispensaries are doing a job that is up to international standards.  So, let’s talk about the subject in greater deal to iron out the nuances.

Buying Cannabis at Bangkok Weed Shops

You can basically turn up at Bangkok weed shops and buy cannabis products without any ID if you are obviously 20 years old or older. There are no rules currently pertaining to the purchase of high-content THC cannabis. The current Thai cannabis rules that came into place in April 2022 decriminalized the herb for both medical and recreational uses. You can even grow as much cannabis in your garden without a permit as long as you are not selling it to others.

If you want to grow cannabis commercially in Thailand to sell on, you need to get a license from the Thai government. Those who want to open Bangkok weed shops also need to obtain the same license. But as of now on June 29, 2023, you can go into a Thai weed shop ad buy a wide range of local and imported cannabis.

Please Remember: Cannabis concentrates like hashish, dabs, THC wax, and oils are currently still prohibited. Nobody is sure if this is because the powers that be are looking to corner the market on a more corporate level in the future or if it’s to protect smokers against super-strong concentrate varieties. Vaping of any kind is also illegal in Thailand. Stick to smoking weed and give the vapes a miss for the time being.

Will Thai Cannabis Rules Get Reversed?

It’s highly unlikely that the current Thailand cannabis laws will be completely reversed. There is lots of pressure from certain political parties. But as is always the case, people on the street do not really care one way or the other. The only people making noise about such issues are the fake politicians who want to use it for political leverage, not because cannabis is safe or unsafe.

The rumors are that certain political parties in Thailand would like to restore cannabis to the prohibited list. That will make them look very foolish indeed, and because ‘face’ is such a big deal in Thailand, the cannabis rules probably won’t get reversed.

However, they might change the rules a bit. The rumor is that the Thai government might make recreational cannabis illegal again while keeping it legal for medical use. It sounds like the sort of confusion that these governments feed on. But until then, it might all just be political posturing from a bunch of people who belong in the 1800s.

Recommended Bangkok Cannabis Dispensaries

Now that you understand more about buying cannabis in Bangkok weed shops, it’s time to get serious. For sure, you could walk into any Bangkok weed shops and buy some products, but I prefer the best cannabis dispensaries to the average ones.

If you are currently in Bangkok and looking to find the best cannabis dispensaries in the city, check out my recommended list of the best herbal establishments below:

Kush House – The truth is that we are atop the best Bangkok weed shops list. Our friendly little Thai cannabis dispensary is warm, friendly, and stylish and offers some of the best products in Bangkok. Come and visit us to find out what’s so great about buying cannabis in Bangkok in 2023.

Cloud Nine Asoke – Super-chic, elegant, stylish, and retro-futuristic are just a few ways to describe the earth-shattering Cloud Nine cannabis dispensary brand. It’s exclusive, classy, and one of the most exquisite cannabis stores in Bangkok. They have two branches, but the premier one is in the heart of the city at Asoke.

Cloud Nine Surawong – This is the sister branch of the original Asoke Cloud Nine Bangkok cannabis shop brand. It’s located at Surawong in Bangkok but offers the same atmosphere and products as the Asoke store.

Mary Jane Nana – The amazing Mary Jane cannabis dispensary is situated in a super-central location at Nana in the heart of Bangkok. This is literally one of the most popular Bangkok weed shops that you need to visit.

Wonderland Bangkok – Not many cannabis stores in the city can match this impressive establishment. It’s located in the heart of Sukhumvit Road and offers one of the dreamiest canna-cool experiences.

Visiting the Best Bangkok Cannabis Shops

The best Bangkok weed shops really do elevate the Thailand cannabis scene to another level. For sure, you can’t just blaze up a joint in the shop, but you can legally buy the best cannabis there. I do like to go to a Bangkok cannabis shop, buy some products, have a coffee, chill, and take in the atmosphere. It’s so much fun to do this legally instead of constantly looking over your shoulder for the extortion boys.

Who knows what the future holds in store? But at the moment, you can simply go into a Thai weed store and buy high-quality cannabis. It only makes sense to take advantage of this by visiting the best stores in Bangkok. No point visiting inferior weed shops when there are so many great ones about. The establishments that I recommended have the best atmospheres, ambiance, staff, and all manner of top-notch products.

We have lots more Thailand cannabis articles on our Bangkok weed blog. For more news on the current situation and guides to circumnavigating the scene, please click here. You can also peruse our website to find our strain menus and more information on the products that are currently available in our store.