best weed in Bangkok
best weed in Bangkok

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Kush House is a top-notch Bangkok Cannabis store situated on the corner of Sukhumvit Soi 22 on the site of Holiday Inn and offers the most unique and extensive range of marijuana products available anywhere in the country, accompanied by some of the finest visuals on display offering customers a relaxed, enjoyable and sensory educational experience.

Kush House Bangkok cannabis store offers customers only the best laboratory-certified cannabis flower, officially graded by Mahakan Biotech. Offering the most competitive rates, and with a wide choice of strains to alleviate a variety of symptoms, our trained expert dispensary has an in-house Thai raditional Medicine doctor on hand to assist those who need advice.

Best Bangkok Cannabis Store

The term ‘kush’ originates from the Hindu Kush Mountain region of Afghanistan and its name has evolved to be more commonly used today as slang for indica cannabis, finding favour with the hippy movement that grew out of the west coast United States in the 1960s and 70s. Now parent company OG Canna is bringing that San Francisco vibe to the streets of Bangkok with a sensory mix of art, culture and cannabis under one roof.

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