Times Have Changed for Thailand Cannabis Smokers

Thailand cannabis smokers

Times have changed for the Thailand cannabis smoker. And thank god for that! I remember a time in the not-too-distant past in Thailand when a joint of cannabis could get you locked up in prison for 10 years.


Alternatively, it could cost you a 50,000 THB on-the-spot ‘fine’ from the boys in brown. The decriminalization of cannabis in Thailand has changed everything, in the best possible way. It’s taken weed out of the hands of criminal gangs and networks.


There are now hundreds, if not thousands of Thai weed shops and Thai cannabis dispensaries in Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui, and pretty much everywhere else. You can now buy the best marijuana strains in the world from a vast menu of sticky icky products.


The Thailand cannabis smoker is now free to be a normal member of society, and it makes you wonder why the rest of the world is not following suit. Did you know there are only 7 countries in the world where it’s legal to buy recreational weed? Thailand is one of them… at the moment! If you want to know more about the current cannabis industry and the situation in Thailand, please keep reading.


Cannabis Used to be Accepted in Thailand

In relative terms, cannabis prohibition in Thailand pre-legalization in 2022 was quite a new thing. Famed cannabis smuggler Howard Marks wrote in his biography “Mr. Nice” that during the 1970s and the majority of the 1980s, he smoked weed openly in Thailand. He remembered buying joints of Thai stick from Bangkok tuk-tuk drivers at Pratunam Market and smoking them right there in the open.


Cannabis being illegal in Thailand was a relatively new thing. 30 or 40 years ago, there might have been laws prohibiting ganja use back then. But they remained largely ignored until America’s phony war on drugs. Very similar to how the smoking ban in Thailand is in place but sometimes ignored.


So, in effect, the easing of cannabis laws in Thailand has really changed the game. But what does that mean for a Thailand cannabis smoker? Can you smoke it anywhere? How and where can you buy cannabis in Thailand? Take a chill pill, calm down for a second, and let’s discuss this most logically.


Where Can I Buy Cannabis in Thailand?

You can buy cannabis in Thailand from licensed vendors and dispensaries. You might have seen lots of Thai weed stores pop up in every town and city. The best and safest way to buy weed in Bangkok or anywhere in Thailand is from one of these licensed stores. If a Thai weed shop is open on the high street, they are likely licensed to sell ganja in Thailand.


So, personally, I always recommend you buy from these stores. For sure, some online options and websites legally sell cannabis, but in a store, you can touch, smell, and feel the products and know exactly what you are buying. And let’s be honest, that’s pretty important. Anyone over the age of 21 can buy weed from one of these physical stores or online outlets, mostly without any form of ID unless you look young.


What Kinds of Cannabis Can I Buy in Thailand?

You can buy all manner of weed products that are essential buds and flowers, but concentrates such as hashish and THC wax and dabs are illegal. The Thai cannabis laws even state this, so you might want to stay away from super-potent cannabis extracts.


You can also buy weed edibles such as cookies, gummy bears, and so forth. These are actually recommended if you are suffering from health issues and need a bit of pain relief. The weed you can buy in Thailand is super strong.


It’s not uncommon to see products in Bangkok cannabis stores that have a THC content that is over 25%, the likes of which you might find in Amsterdam or California. You can also buy pre-rolled joints that are fully loaded with cannabis only or mixed with cigarettes.


Where Can I Smoke Cannabis in Thailand?

Here’s the part that every Thailand cannabis smoker needs to know. You can’t just blaze up a spliff in public and start puffing away. You’re also not allowed to smoke in the premises of a cannabis dispensary or Thai weed shop even if some say that you can.


For example, a cannabis store might let you smoke on their premises, but that’s against the law, and if the police come, you are bang in trouble. And don’t start to think that you can smoke weed on the beach either, or you might be in for a rude awakening.


I would personally advise the Thailand cannabis smoker to only blaze up the herb in a private place such as their home if you live in Thailand. This might be difficult for those on holiday who want to smoke in their own hotel rooms. As I said, you are not allowed to smoke weed in a public place, so always be mindful of that and you shouldn’t have any issues.


Even if you are busted by the cops for one reason or another and they search you and find you are in possession of cannabis, that’s not illegal, so you won’t get fined or do prison time. The best way to look at the Thailand cannabis laws is that weed has been decriminalized.


Thailand Ganja Smoking in 2023

If you are coming to the land of smiles to partake in some Thailand cannabis smoking, please use common sense. Buy your products from licensed stores and dispensaries. Don’t smoke it in public, and everything should be okay. If you do get caught smoking weed in public, it could result in a hefty fine and you might get extorted by the boys in brown.


It’s a great time to visit Thailand if you are a weed smoker. I always loved everything about Thailand aside from their draconian ganja laws, but that’s, fortunately, a thing of the past. If you are interested in knowing more about the Thailand cannabis scene, please click here to find our Thai weed blog. You’ll find lots of news and stories about smoking weed in Thailand. Happy smoking guys!