5 Best Homemade Cannabis Smoking Contraptions

5 Best Homemade Cannabis Smoking Contraptions

Talking about the best homemade cannabis smoking contraptions is fun. The booming cannabis market means that weed smokers will never be short when it comes to buying smoking devices. But what happens if you find yourself with a bag of quality weed and nothing to pack it in for that well-deserved toke?

Here’s the answer with 5 of the best homemade cannabis smoking contraptions. All of these can be put together with everyday household items. Better still, they are fun and easy to make and also do just the job:

#1 – An Apple Pipe – Sweet!

This fruit pipe is not only fun, but it is also ultra-easy to work with. All you need is a firm apple, your herb of choice and some sort of poking device (i.e. a skewer, screwdriver, pen, key, or knife), and your trusty lighter.

To get started, twist off the apple’s stem. In doing so you will immediately see a natural bowl for your weed. Carve this out a little to expand the bowl. From there poke a hole in the top of the apple (where the stem was) and push on down to about halfway into the apple.

Once completed, take your poking device to make a side mouthpiece. Make sure that your side ‘tunnel’ connects with your original bowl hole. Reaching that junction will give you an ‘L’ shape – but don’t stop there.

Continue pushing your poking device right through to the opposite side of the apple. The reason for this final push is that you will create a carb that allows air to flow through all created chambers.

Your final steps are to pack your newly formed apple-bowl full of your favorite strain, light it, inhale through the side mouthpiece, and chill to the max!

#2 – Tin Foil Pipe – Your One-Hit Wonder…

Tin foil pipes are simple to make and a great solution if you are in a hurry for that much-needed hit. They should only be considered for one hit (possibly two) but if you have a roll of aluminum foil additional pipes can be produced in no time at all.

All you need is aluminum/tin foil, scissors, a pen or pencil, a pin or toothpick, and your lighter.

Cut off a 12-inch square of tin foil. When doing so make sure you keep it dry and as smooth as possible. Fold the square in half (again, be careful to keep the foil free of wrinkles or tears.) From there, fold it in half again.

This gives you a square that is 4 layers thick. The reason for this thickness is that it will help your finished pipe from overheating and ensure it is sturdy enough to use.

Next, you need to create a cone that is slightly flared at one end. This is achieved by taking your pen/pencil and starting at one corner. Roll the foil diagonally (corner to corner) making sure one end is tighter than the other. Using the pen/pencil will keep the tube open and the larger end of the cone will be used as your bowl.

Measure down 1-inch from the wider end of the tube and use a credit card to make it 90 degrees at the bend. It is this portion that will be your bowl. Open up the bowl to create a weed chamber. Tip: Leaving the pen/pencil in the tube up to the bend will help lessen any crumpling of the tube.

You may want to add a filter. If so, take another small piece of foil and use your pin or toothpick to poke holes in it. You then place this filter in your weed chamber.

Fill the chamber with weed, light it, and inhale from the smaller open end. That’s one of the best homemade cannabis smoking contraptions you can make. 

#3 – TeePee Pipe – The Larger the Hole the Larger the hit!

Old toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls are used for lots of fun craft projects. Turn yours into a pipe that will blow you away.

You will need scissors or a knife, aluminum foil, a needle or toothpick, weed, a lighter, and either an empty toilet paper roll or an empty paper towel roll.

The first step is to make a hole a couple of inches from the end of your roll. The larger the hole the larger the hit you will receive. You should then take a piece of aluminum foil to cover that hole.

The foil should be large enough to cover the hole after you have made a small indentation in the middle of it. This will be your bud bowl. Use the needle or toothpick to prick tiny holes in the bowl. Tip: Do not place these holes too close together.

Place your weed in the bowl, use one end of the roll as your mouthpiece, the other as a carb, and light your weed as you inhale at the mouthpiece. Result: Instant chill! 

#4 – A Water Bong – Bubblin’ Blow…

While a homemade water bong is really cheap and very easy to make it is not the healthiest option due to the plastic involved. Use caution to get a hit to remember when using the best homemade cannabis smoking contraptions like this.

This is a fast, easy way to get that hit you are searching for and all you need is a plastic bottle (minus the cap), a pen, aluminum foil, and a pin or toothpick. As for bottle size, the bigger the bottle the bigger the hit!

Fill your bottle a quarter full with water. Use the tip (nose cone) end of the pen to make a hole in the bottle. This hole should be about 1 inch from the bottleneck and acts as your carb.

Make another hole towards the bottom of the bottle. This should be a little above your waterline and angled into the water as it acts as your downstem. If you have a pipe stem, insert it.

Don’t worry if not, just dismantle your pen and use the empty plastic stem with a cone of foil inserted in one end and shaped to make a bowl. Lightly prick the bowl and place your weed in it. As you light the weed, suck through the top of the plastic bottle. To build up smoke in the bottle keep your finger on/off the carb hole.

#5 – A Gravity Bong – Draw That High Right Into You!

Scientific it may sound, but this is an experiment in getting high that is ultra-easy to achieve.

You will need scissors, a needle or toothpick, aluminum foil, a plastic bottle, and a container larger than the bottle; think bucket, washing-up bowl, or similar.

Cut the bottom 1/3rd off the bottom of the bottle. Discard, you don’t need this. Take off the bottle cap, and discard.

Cover the top/neck of the bottle with foil, and make an indentation to form a bowl on the bottle top. Prick tiny holes into the bowl (not too close together). It is these holes that allow the smoke to travel through the bottle.

Fill your other (larger) container with water and sink your bottle into it. Carefully sprinkle your ground weed onto the foil as you don’t want any spilling into the water. Light the weed and slowly raise the bottle. This will cause it to fill with smoke. Keep the flame on your weed as you lift.

Once the bottle is almost out of the water (it should be full of smoke) take the foil off, put your mouth over the hole, and inhale. As you inhale, slowly push the bottle back down as this will force the smoke into your lungs.

Don’t worry if you can’t inhale all the smoke at once. Stop, place your palm over the bottle top opening, take a deep breath, and go for it again!

You Never Need to be Short of a Smoke

Should you find yourself with a bag full of quality weed and nothing to smoke it with, the above 5 best homemade cannabis smoking contraptions will solve that problem. All are easy to make and guaranteed to give you a memorable hit.

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