Top 5 Best Stoner Visual Artists

Top 5 Best Stoner Visual Artists

I love thinking about the best stoner visual artists. Weed can extend and expand your senses. Many artists from musicians, actors, and those with exceptional artistic ability use the power of weed to express their feelings.

Let’s first take a look at how cannabis is thought to inspire artists and then get into 5 of the best stoner visual artists. These individuals have harnessed their skills with the power of cannabis and the resulting work is visually stunning and some.

How Cannabis Inspires Creativity

Cannabis is no newcomer to the artistic creativity scene. While there is no way to verify links it is a widely held view that such legendary artists as Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali used cannabis while creating their masterpieces.

Weed helps to stimulate creativity through the increase of blood flow to the brain and subsequent activity in the prefrontal cortex. For many artists, this opens up a brand new dimension of time and space. The result is fresh insight into the art pieces they are working on.

The effects of cannabis can have different effects on gifted artists and the strain used is often a factor here. Sativa strains are known for their inspiring and energizing effects while Indica strains calm the body. This means that certain strains are ideal for the best stoner visual artists.

If you are an aspiring artist who is looking to see what cannabis can do for you it is recommended that you try different weed strains before and during your next project. This will help you to discover which (if any!) strains get your artistic juices flowing.

One thing is for sure; there is no set rule as to which type, strain, and strength of weed will bring out the best in you. Experimentation is the way to go and what fun that can be!

5 of the Best Stoner Visual Artists

Here are 5 of the best stoner visual artists currently out there. Each one has discovered that smoking weed brings out the very best of their artistic talent and imagination:

#1 – Vincent Gordon

Vincent Gordon is no stranger to the authorities. Before the legal acceptance of cannabis, he created some very powerful cannabis legalization propaganda pieces that led him into some trouble.  However, sticking to his guns and since being proved right, Gordon’s artwork has continued to attract many.

He combines mystical cartoons with his own unique and eccentric style to make him a must-not-miss artist. His highly colorful animated characters jump off the canvas in every piece he produces.

In his bio Gordon states that it was in 1995 when his love for ganja blossomed and while a fair bit of his work is solo, he is not averse to collaboration. An example is ‘The Infusion Project’. Gordon has also created some stunning pieces for the likes of Snoop Dogg and also contributes artwork to a variety of well-established weed publications.

#2 – Savina Monet

Monet is a digital collage artist who works with diversely owned companies in the cannabis industry. Her intention is to transform the way we look at cannabis. This is achieved through the use of bright colors, and mixed mediums, and often comes with the inclusion of beautiful women.

Her work covers a wide spectrum but checking Savina out will help you find collages of nature, aliens, potheads, and more. Those into retro-futurism, sci-fi, and femininity will surely embrace what Savina Monet has to offer.

#3 – Mohan Sundaresan

Here’s living proof that the best stoner visual art is not just for younger weed-inspired artists. Mohan is 75 years old and resides in La Jolla, California. The first thing this should tell you is that should it be needed, quality weed is never far away!

Sundaresan offers what he classifies as unique woven paintings. These are made using rich colors and follow a common cannabis theme. When viewing his artwork from afar it can appear that his work is typical acrylic painting. Far from it, zoom in and his pieces display much, much more than that.

This is because Mohan creates his work by painting on individual hemp canvases. From there he weaves these together to create a very individual and totally unique art experience. This is what makes him one of the best stoner visual artists.

#4 – BambashkART – Aka Zdravko

If creative wall artwork is what you are after, BambashkART will meet your needs. The meaning behind this artist’s strange name comes from a meeting with a Turkish guy who told him that ‘Bambashka’ translates to ‘very different’. How appropriate because the pieces produced are very different art indeed!

Zdravko’s aim is to bring joy to weed lovers across the globe. He wants them to feel nostalgic with his vintage art productions and draws experience from places visited and smoking sessions that have and continue to inspire.

Weed lovers will find joy in his digitally created, often surreal wall art. His pieces feature unexpected scenes such as highly colored rainbow lasers shooting from an astronaut’s helmet, a giant hand coming out of the sky to generously present weed to tiny people, and flowers exploding from a gun entitled ‘Kill Them With Love 3’

If stunning wall art is what you are after, BambashkART is where it is at.

#5 – Anita Toke

When it comes to one of the best stoner visual artists out there this name should be a bit of a giveaway!

Anita Toke draws her inspiration from the wonderful weed plant. She is also a user and advocate of medicinal marijuana. In her world (and ours!) cannabis is something that should be celebrated.

When looking at the psychedelic artwork produced you will enjoy vibrant colors and highly detailed paintings of the plant itself. If one thing shines through in Toke’s work it is her passion for the plant. She strives to create art that speaks to viewers in a positive way about cannabis.

If you are passionate about the weed art you view then Anitta Toke will fuel that desire. 

Enhance Your Smoking Sessions

The artwork produced by a host of artists is there to enjoy and in many cases, such viewing can enhance your smoking experiences. This can be achieved in a couple of ways.

You may wish to view stoner art during a calm solo smoking session to elevate your feelings and imagination while looking at images to savor.

The alternative is to have a toke with a bunch of friends to get their individual take on what the art pieces being viewed are all about. That can lead to lively discussion through different opinions and a whole lot of fun.

Either way, one thing is for sure. Looking at stoner art while enjoying a spliff can enhance that experience, elevate your mind, and lift your spirits.

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