THC Dabs & Wax: The Future of Cannabis Smoking

THC Dabs & Wax: The Future of Cannabis Smoking Let’s take a look at THC dabs & wax, the future of cannabis smoking. Recent upward trends in this highly powerful way of inhaling cannabis certainly show an increasing number of users are turning to it. They are doing so to get highs that beat other […]

Happy Legal Cannabis Anniversary

Happy Legal Cannabis Anniversary!

Happy Legal Cannabis Anniversary! Join us on June 9th from 7PM onwards for many flash deals and promotions. We’re hosting a special mystery bag for 690THB, which will contain the merch up to 1400THB in each bag! We will also be selling a limited edition T-Shirt for 690THB as well. Come celebrate a year with […]

Benefits of Indica Cannabis Plants

Benefits of Indica Hybrids Cannabis plants can be classified into two main species; Indica and Sativa. Are you looking to find teh benefits of indica plants? While it is possible to find both indica and sativa cannabis plants, growers have been carrying out crossbreeding for decades. What that means is that the weed you buy […]

The Terpenes Wheel Has Many Interesting Spokes

The Terpenes Wheel Has Many Interesting Spokes Terpenes are aromatic oils that provide cannabis plants with distinctive flavors, scents, and medicinal properties. The growing insight into exactly what terpenes are and what they can offer is something that many cannabis lovers will be very interested in. So, let’s take a deeper look at the terpenes […]

5 Best Homemade Cannabis Smoking Contraptions

5 Best Homemade Cannabis Smoking Contraptions Talking about the best homemade cannabis smoking contraptions is fun. The booming cannabis market means that weed smokers will never be short when it comes to buying smoking devices. But what happens if you find yourself with a bag of quality weed and nothing to pack it in for […]

Top 5 Best Stoner Visual Artists

Top 5 Best Stoner Visual Artists I love thinking about the best stoner visual artists. Weed can extend and expand your senses. Many artists from musicians, actors, and those with exceptional artistic ability use the power of weed to express their feelings. Let’s first take a look at how cannabis is thought to inspire artists […]

New Strain Drop Bangkok #6

Kush House New Strain Drop

New Strain Drop at Kush House Kush House, which has earned a reputation among serious weed enthusiasts for providing some of the best quality bud in Bangkok, is pleased to announce the arrival of some truly unique strains that will not disappoint connoisseurs and aficionados. Click on the links below to see full descriptions and […]