A Reivew of Kush house by Jordy Comes Alive

On Halloween eve I decided to check out the Kush House to pick up some treats to go along with my tricks! Kush House is easily accessible via BTS, located on Sukhumvit Soi 22. The outside of the dispensary is lit up with orange and green making it impossible to miss. From the second you step through the door you’re immersed in a visual wonderland. The shop is decked out with rows of glowing cases filled with smoking accessories complemented with touch monitor menus showcasing the strains for sale. 

kush house


Kush House also doubles as an art gallery blending culture into your cannabis buying experience. On the left-hand side towards the front of the dispensary counter is an additional gallery room that displays more artwork, “higher” end glass bongs and pipes plus Kush House clothing accessories. Outstanding! 

I made my way over to the counter where I was greeted by the budtender, Anna, who would guide me through their cannabis selection and assist me in picking the right treat for this trippy night! My cannabis buying experience is flawless due to the knowledge of the budtender and the counter presentation. There are a dozen strains in “show” jars stacked on tiered shelving. The selection is curated and broken down into indicas, sativas, and hybrids. What’s super interesting is the menu shows you the certified analysis of the contents in each strain. I’ve not seen this anywhere in Bangkok! Today’s selection (to name a few out of the dozen) includes Apple Crumble, Gelato Sundae, X-Files, and Tom Yum Kush. I choose Tom Yum Kush clocking in at 17.33% THC for two reasons. One, it’s a sativa which I prefer, and two, it’s a cross strain between Chocolate Thai and Hash Plant. These are two strains I’m already familiar with and love but I’ve never smoked them “crossed” into one strain before! What really makes Tum Yum Kush special is it’s one of the many “house” strains grown exclusively by Kush House for Kush House. It’s unique and can only be found here. Wow! This really piques my curiosity because I find many of the same common strains in a lot of the dispensaries throughout Bangkok. Tum Yum Kush is a first for me! 

Jordy comes alive at Kush House
Jordy Comes Alive At Kush House


Anna highly recommends this strain for its bright and uplifting euphoric effects guaranteed to enhance my Halloween activities! I lift the lid off the jar and I’m able to inspect the cannabis under a light, it’s bright green and freckled with red hairs. It’s truly magnificent looking. I hold the jar under my nose and immediately the aroma from the terpenes takes over my senses. I ask Anna how much is this per gram and she points to the menu and informs me 700b. I’m amazed by the price because you will see lower quality cannabis amongst the many dispensaries in Bangkok priced between 800 and 1,100b. This appears to be quality cannabis priced right but the big question is how does it smoke, taste and feel? 

I watch as Anna weighs out my nug’s deli-style behind the counter with precision and grace. While waiting for my goodies, I joined the Kush House Line rewards program and received some Halloween candy as a gift (that I gave to Anna)! After I paid, Anna handed me one gram of Tom Yum Kush, a tray, a grinder, a tip, two rolling papers, and one orange chopstick to be used as a poker. She informed me that the Kush House smoking lounge is attached to the shop so I headed that way with my rolling accouterments. I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into the well-ventilated smoking lounge. Most of the cannabis dispensaries in Thailand are “grab-and-go”, there’s never a place to sit, chill and be social while you enjoy your newly purchased weed! That’s part of the fun! 

The Kush House Lounge is designed for comfort and it’s done up in orange and green with wood accents. The side walls are covered in brightly colored murals and the back wall has fake foliage with neon window panes giving the appearance that you’re sitting inside of some sort of psychedelic cabin. There are comfortable bean bag chairs, cushioned stools, and a wooden swing to put your bones at ease. I chose the swing that had a small table in front of it where I placed my tray. I spilled out the bud and immediately got a whiff of the aromatic terpenes. Tum Yum Kush gives off an earthy smell yet its top notes read slightly sweet. I nab the nug, plucking it in half then pushing it down into the grinder for a spin. 

This bud shreds up well into a balanced grind and I begin assembling my joint. I stuff, roll, lick, pack, clip, and then light the joint, gently inhaling. On the first draw, I got an arrangement of earthy tones on the back of my tongue. Yet, on the exhale the finish was sweet and it lingers in my nose and on my lips. Yum! This is some delicious-a-bis cannabis! On my 2nd hit, I immediately feel my shoulders drop as all my body tension seems to magically vanish. I like-a-bis this cannabis a lot-a-bis! 

I slowly lean back into the cushy swing as I catch the vibe of the room. People are getting stoned and the sound of their laughter makes me smile. The colors of the room seem a little brighter and my attention keeps getting drawn back to the neon window frames inside. I’ve smoked half of my joint and I’m pleasantly high. My body is relaxed but I feel energetic and ready for the night ahead. I take one more hit for the road, stub out my joint and pack it up to enjoy later in the evening. I’m looking forward to returning to Kush House to sample more proprietary strains! I grab my baggie with half of the bud left and head out into the night to explore my first Halloween in BONGKOK!